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Take Your Guest Experience to the Next Level

The days of printed recommendations and antiquated guidebooks are over. Your Gen Z and Millennial guests are expecting a digital experience when it comes to recommendations. 

Why Trecco Digital Concierge?

Trecco's Digital Concierge allows your property to provide a more consistent and elevated experience through a digital platform to share and manage your local recommendations for guests.

Pre-stay: Guests can plan ahead of time

Your guests will start planning their trip before they arrive. This usually starts with a text or email inviting them to follow your property on Trecco. They will start to explore recommendations and start to prioritize where they want to spend their time.

During Stay.png

During their stay: Elevated conversations

Your guests will avoid waiting until the concierge desk is available and will be able to access a QR code linking to concierge recommendations and itineraries. Those who pre-planned will have tactical planning conversations with the concierge, making their stay even more personalized as they edit their lists around what suits them best.

Post-stay: Advocates of property

Your guests will have an ongoing connection with your hotel and become an advocate by adding your property as a recommendation on their list to share with their friends. Your concierge team can also collect new finds from guests and create new lists (e.g. “Our Guests’ Favorites”).


Ready to elevate your guest experience?

Contact us to schedule a demo and start building your property's Digital Concierge.

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